Terms and Conditions must be accepted by all students and parents/guardians.
Creative Academy Of Performing Arts also known as CAPA.

Section 1- Fee Payment.

1. We operate for 39 weeks in a year and the fees are split over 12 months so you are also paying during the holidays. This means your monthly fee is less but you should continue direct debits in the Breaks to cover the shortfall.

2. Fees must be received on the 1st of every month (unless fully agreed with the principal and with good reason) or a £5 late payment will be incurred to cover administration costs. This £5 Late fee charge will automatically be added to your account if not paid on time. The Principal will not be able to remove the late fee charge.

3. A new student may take their first class free of charge. If the student decides to enrol then they must move to our online system.

4. There are no refunds if a student is absent from class. Payment for class is to reserve your child’s space regardless of attendance.  Students are welcome to make up any missed classes at another class decided by the Principal.

5. If a student has a long-term illness or injury, your fees may be refunded at the discretion of the principal.  This does not include minor illness, minor injury or holidays taken mid-term.

6. On the very rare occasion that a class is cancelled due to tutor illness, bad weather, venue cancellation you will not be refunded for your class. Your missed class will be more than made up for at our summer show where you will be given lots of extra time attending rehearsals and the actual show. There is also a lot of time spent on sourcing your costumes and driving to various places to source costumes along with other hours that are put in to your shows.

If you are in a company team then your time is more than made up for with all the extra admin and unpaid competition work that goes in to your Team.  

If a child cannot attend class due to their participation in another Creative Academy Of Performing Arts event/performance, class fees will not be refunded.

7. If a student is asked to leave a class due to a breach of any of the conditions detailed within this document they will not be refunded.

8. The only method of payment is via our GOCARDLESS Direct Debit System.

9. One month’s notice in writing to info@capa-angus.co.uk is required for cancellation of classes. One month’s fees will be charged if notice is not given. The fees are split over a 12 month period therefore you should not cancel your DD until the principal has worked out your final bill.

If your account has not been cleared then this will be passed on to a debt recovery agency.

Section 2- Uniform, Class Timing and Behaviour Etiquette.

10. A. CAPA uniforms for our street and Montrose Musical Theatre classes are optional otherwise students should come dressed in appropriate dance wear. Good Grooming and dance wear is part of Creative Academy Of Performing Arts Discipline. No jeans. School uniforms or dresses should be worn to class. If you are unsure of appropriate dance wear then please speak to the tutor. Absolutely no uniforms from other dance schools should be worn to Creative Academy Of performing Arts Dance classes, performances or other events.

B. Dundee Stage school must wear their CAPA uniform. CAPA T-Shirt, CAPA Hoodie and Black Leggings/Shorts. Stage School students must bring Black Jazz shoes to dance in.

C. Lyrical Classes Must Wear The Lyrical Uniform that will be explained by your Principal.

11. Students are not permitted to wear school shoes, Wellington boots or any boots to class.

If a student shows up to class in the wrong foot wear they will not be permitted to take part in the class and fees will still apply. The wrong footwear is a Health and Safety issue.

12. All students must have their hair tied neatly back for class.

13. Jewellery items (Including Watches) which the teacher feels may cause injury or is inappropriate for the class must be removed.

14. Students should aim to arrive 5 minutes before class is due to start. If they are late then they should enter the studio quietly and apologise to the teacher. This is to ensure they are recorded correctly on the register in case of a fire or evacuation.

15. Most Classes run back to back without a break so students should come prepared and leave promptly.

16. Students are asked to wait quietly outside of the studio until their class begins. Creative Academy Of Performing Arts will only be responsible for students in the studio and not those outside in the waiting area.

17. Children Must have good Manners whilst attending CAPA. Dance teachers go above and beyond for their students and it is good etiquette to say thank you at the end of your class or event.  If a CAPA teacher gives you free extra time then this must be respected so all parties involved feel appreciated. There are not many other trades that would not give extra materials or time free of charge. These Manners also apply at our out of studio events to outside members so we are always represented well.  

18. Students and parents/guardians are expected to demonstrate mutually respectful behaviour to the teaching staff, fellow students and the halls. Dancing is fun and is designed to be enjoyed by all so we ask every pupil to abide by this simple philosophy at all times. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the student being asked to leave the school. Bullying will not be tolerated and should be brought to the Principals attention immediately.

19. Under No circumstances should a parent enter the studio during a class to request a conversation with the tutor. This is bad behaviour and wouldn’t be accepted in any school and will not be tolerated at CAPA. If you wish to discuss anything this must be done via email or phone call. During class time the Teachers only concern are the students. starting up conversations between classes will only lead to confusion and negligence.

If the teacher feels they need to have the footage to practice at home then the teacher will film this and send to the parents ONLY. The teacher will sometimes film the routines for rehearsal purpose.

20. Parents must be respectful of the decisions made at CAPA. They are not based purely on one child’s needs but made based on what is best for the collective group. Decisions are not always to your satisfaction but they are made for good reasons.

Dance is one of the biggest disciplines and we ask that parents stand by the teachers when we are trying to teach the children discipline. A good Dance teacher won’t make decisions to hurt the children but only to aid.  All rules are made to teach the children some grounded discipline and we endeavour to teach them that rules must be followed. We would like to work with the parent to forge a strong relationship where we can coach the children in the right direction together.

21 Under no circumstances will CAPA teachers tolerate profanities from parents or bad behaviour. We are more than happy to discuss in a professional manner. Aggressive or bullying behaviours will lead to an instant removal from the school and you will be required to pay your one month’s notice and remaining fees.  If you have any concern’s then please email The principal and the Principal will get in contact with you to arrange a meeting or a phone call.

22. Students are responsible for their own property and bring personal items at their own risk. Creative Academy Of Performing Arts is not responsible for any lost, Damaged or stolen items.

23. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during class. Any Phones that are brought into the class must be switched off or switched to silent. Students will not be permitted to film any class footage on their phones unless agreed by the teacher.

If the teacher feels they need to have the footage to practice at home then the teacher will film this and send to the parents ONLY. The teacher will sometimes film the routines for rehearsal purpose.

24. Students are not permitted to leave the studio without the teachers permission.

25. Students are not permitted to sit out of the class unless they become unwell or written consent from the student’s parent/Guardian is given in advance.

26. Food and drink should not be be brought in to the class with the exception of water or for medical purpose. I.E Diabetes.

27. Children under 16 must be collected from the studio by a parent/carer or responsible adult. Your child will not be permitted to leave the premises until they are collected from inside the building. The Teacher must be informed if someone other than the child’s parent or legal guardian is collecting them. If your child is walking home alone then you must supply a written email (ONLY) to info@capa-angus.co.uk. Children of 16 plus will be allowed to leave the studio to walk to cars.

Section 3- Miscellaneous and Data Protection.

Pupils/parents details will be kept in keeping with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

28. Parents must complete the online registration form upon joining the school.

If there are any changes to details such as phone numbers, address and medical issues it is the parent/guardians responsibility to Amend the relevant details online. 

29.  When you give us your details we promise to do our best to keep them secure.

Creative Academy Of Performing Arts will not disclose your information to third parties outside of CAPA.

We may use your data to contact you in relation to

  • News updates about the school
  • Information relating to lessons/show details
  • Outstanding Class Fees
  • Emergency Notifications (such as changes to planned lessons etc)
  • Medical Emergencies to ensure we are able to provide a safe environment for you/child.
  • Any other information relevant to the school and you/your child’s lesson and progress.
  • Information about individual children is used in certain documents such as, a weekly register, medication forms and competition entry forms.

 All DATA collected from Creative Academy Of performing Arts is stored on a safe and protected online software.  The CAPA teachers will only be able to access the relevant students to their class for Emergency details and class registers.  All details are stored on an encrypted software that is purposely used for dance schools.

  • Should a student leave Creative Academy Of Performing Arts Then All of your personal Details will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Creative Academy Of Performing Arts stores personal data held visually in photographs, video clips or as sound recordings on the principals Laptop which is also password protected. No names are stored with the images in photo albums, displays on the website or on Creative Academy Of Performing Arts social media sites, unless agreed with the pupil(s) parent/carer.
  • Access to the school email account, website, personal Data, social media accounts, Newsletters and Competition information is password protected and is not available to members of the public, members of the school and or its staff. The principal has sole access to all this data.

Please note you can withdraw this consent at any time by contacting our business email.

By signing this  form, you consent to the above and to

  1. Creative Academy Of performing Arts Holding and processing data in relation to your child’s Medical Condition.
  2. Creative Academy Of performing Arts sending you information that is relevant to you/your childs dance education by Phone, Email, Text and written communication.

30. Creative Academy Of Performing Arts strive to create a safe environment for our students but a certain amount of risk is carried by any physical activity. Students taking part in any of our classes run by Creative Academy Of performing Arts do so at their own risk. Creative Academy Of Performing Arts will not be responsible for Accidental injuries.

31. Our Safeguarding Policy and child protection policy is available on request. Please Contact the principal for more information should you require.

32. To ensure the correct teaching of dance, physical contact may be necessary to guide students into the correct stance etc. We always make these corrections with due care and respect for dignity. Please contact the Principal if you have any queries about this.

33. Pictures and videos of students may be taken and used as promotional material on our website and/or social media. Please let us know, in writing to our email info@capa-angus.co.uk  if you prefer your child not to be included.

34. The use of social media – The staff of Creative of Academy Of Performing Arts request that parents/students only use the Creative Academy of performing Arts social media pages to contact any of the staff and not personal pages with regards to any dance related queries. Parents should only contact the principal and not the staff individually.  Alternatively you can contact us by email info@capa-angus.co.uk if a parent wishes to discuss any issues with the principal they can call. Any texting, contacting on personal forums will be ignored and deleted and you will not receive your answers unless using the professional platform.

35. CAPA Classes are not drop in classes and should be attended every week. Not attending your class means the rest of the class have to repeat the previous weeks programme to catch up the students who were not in attendance. This is unfair to the committed pupils. Whilst we do understand that sometimes absences cannot be helped we do ask that you do your best to be present in class.

36. The Class ages are a guideline for the teacher ONLY. We ask that you trust your professional teacher to make the decision of when your child is ready to move up a class. Birthdays and friends moving up have absolutely no bearing on your child’s progress. Whilst we don’t mind you reminding your teacher that your child has a birthday coming up we ask that you respect the teacher’s  decision. Age is not the discretion for moving up a class. Children moving up a class is not solely based on ability but we strongly take into consideration the child’s feelings and if we feel the next class up, which is always more intense, will knock your child’s confidence.  we consider every child as an individual and we like each child to grow at their own artistic pace. Parents may at any time speak to the teacher about your child’s progress however we ask you to take on the teacher’s reasons and understand that their decision is based on the ability and welfare for the child. This decision is non negotiable and made by the Principal only. Bad behaviour towards these decisions will mean an instant dismissal from the school.

37. Whilst we encourage children to take other dance classes that Creative Academy of performing Arts does not offer, it is professional etiquette to seek the permission of the Principal for you to join similar style dance classes. This is to prevent events and show timetables clashing. This particular clause is not enforceable but is common courtesy.

38. Elite Dance Teams will have a separate Terms and conditions and these dancers will not be permitted to compete with any other dance team outside of Creative Academy Of Performing Arts.

39. Absolutely no uniforms from other dance schools should be worn to Creative Academy of performing Arts Dance classes, performances or other events. Wearing other uniforms is advertising other schools and deemed unacceptable.

40. Parents must be willing to purchase or pay for costumes that are needed for yearly shows. Shows need to have costumes and CAPA charge very little for costumes in comparison to most Professional dance schools.

41. Parents should be mindful of business hours and not contact The Principal or staff on personal phones after 9pm during the week or at weekends.